Black Caucus Leader: Oh Yeah, We're Looking At Impeaching Trump

49-member Congressional Black Caucus to talk Trump impeachment strategy.

The chairman of the 49-member Congressional Black Caucus made clear on Monday that after President Trump's response to Charlottesville, the highly influential group is actively strategizing about how to impeach him.

"You can make an argument based on pure competency and fitness to serve, and that’s the conversation the caucus will have,” CBC caucus chair Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-La.) told reporters in a conference call Monday.

Trump blaming "many sides" for the violence on Saturday, which broke out when Antifa counterprotesters and white nationalist marchers converged, has sent the caucus over the edge, McClatchy reports.

"Am I concerned about high crimes and misdemeanors? Absolutely. Am I concerned about this president’s fitness to serve? Absolutely," said Richmond.

On Monday, Richmond called for cancellation of the meeting between White House officials and historically black college leaders, suggesting that Trump's response to Charlottesville proves that he doesn't understand the black community or care about black schools.

"This White House isn’t serious about improving our [Historically Black Colleges and Universities]," he said, referencing Trump's HBCU initiative, an executive order that creates an executive director in the White House dedicated to working with HBCUs.

When members of the caucus return in two weeks, Richmond said he planned to convene a meeting to discuss joining the Democrats' efforts to impeach Trump. All but one of the 49 members of the CBC are Democrats: 46 in the House and 2 in the Senate. The lone Republican is Rep. Mia Love (R-Utah).

While the rhetoric from CBC is certainly ramping up, talk of impeachment from caucus members is not new. As The Daily Wire has documented, one of the most vocal members of the CBC, Rep. Maxine Waters, has been calling for Trump's impeachment for months, using whatever the week's latest negative headline is as her new rationale. The truth is, unless a lot of Republicans are convinced to turn on the president, the Democrats simply don't have the numbers to do much of anything.


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