Highway McHighwayface: Virginia Asks Internet For Suggestions On What To Rename Jefferson Davis Highway

Alexandria wants your help!

Last year, the city of Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of D.C., voted to change the name of Jefferson Davis Highway, a strip of state highway that runs through the town's borders.

Now that the nation is in the grip of Confederate statue fervor, however, town officials are looking to speed up the renaming process, and they've turned to the internet for suggestions on what to call the strip of road that leads through Reagan Airport and Arlington National Cemetery, straight to the Pentagon.

Interested parties can click over to the proposal page on the Arlington town website and enter their three top choices. The Arlington City Manager will be taking suggestions through October 5, and then will probably let the internet vote on some of the top choices — though they don't seem to have decided on the final stage of deliberation just yet.

The effort presents a unique opportunity: the vote to rename came in 2016, well before Antifa had made it their mission to fell every statue and monument to a Confederate general from sea to shining sea, and it came after serious deliberation. The name has a mixed history, as well: the highway was named after the President of the Confederacy as part of a campaign by the Daughters of the Confederacy, in response to another national campaign, asking states and towns to name roads after President Abraham Lincoln, who led the Union to victory in the Civil War.

To stick it to Lincoln, in other words, roads and bridges across the south bear Davis' name.

There's one flaw in the city's logic, though. The internet doesn't always make the best choices when it comes to naming things like boats and zoo animals, or finding a venue for pop concerts. The RMS Queen Elizabeth was re-christened "Boaty McBoatface" after an online campaign went awry, and when the internet was asked where Justin Bieber should kick off his next tour, social media helpfully decided on North Korea (Boaty is still afloat, but the Beebs stayed put on U.S. soil).

Some of Twitter's suggestions for Jefferson Davis Highway are just as creative.

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