Welcome to the latest episode of "Donkey Wars," where the party of asses dispute amongst themselves about whether or not they should allow people who object to killing unborn children into their party's "big" tent.

In one corner we have Kristen Day, executive chairwoman of Democrats for Life, and in the other we have the shrews of Planned Parenthood, NARAL, The National Organization for Women (NOW), and Elizabeth Warren.

Will the Democrats finally lift the abortion litmus test put in place by the Clinton machine back in 1992 when they rescinded Governor Robert Casey's invitation to speak at the convention? In an interview with The Washington Times, Day said that if the Democrats continue treating abortion like an inviolable sacrament, they will continue to lose elections and seats to Republicans.

“When you look at the 1st Congressional District in Michigan, we’ve pretty much handed that over to Republicans,” Day told the newspaper.

The debate over the Democrats' abortion litmus test began after the fallout of Trump's victory that came to a head when the abortion cheerleaders at NARAL criticized Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez for giving a platform to pro-life mayoral candidate Heath Mello of Nebraska.

Though Perez could not tame the shrews, siding with them by calling abortion a "fundamental value,” the controversy did not go away. Several weeks ago, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Ben Ray Luján rejected the litmus test, but was then contradicted by another committee member. They now claim to have “no interest” in allowing pro-lifers in their tent.

According to Day, this will have disastrous consequences for the party if they do not shape up. For instance, Michigan's 1st District was held by pro-life Democrat Rep. Bart Stupak, who pushed for pro-life measures in Obamacare, but after his retirement in 2011, the GOP took his seat.

Day says that the extreme endorsement of abortion just rubs too many people the wrong way.

“I think it’s become much more hard-line now. What happened is the pro-choice Democrats kinda felt like Hillary Clinton is going to win, and they made the abortion platform more radical. But what they didn’t realize is they alienated pro-life Democrats who didn’t vote for her,” she said.

The stats across the board show that the Democrats are becoming more extreme on abortion, even creating "uterus" emojis while demanding taxpayers fund their murderous enterprise.

LifeNews reports that a "Politico/Harvard University poll in October 2016 found that a majority of voters oppose taxpayer funding for abortions." Only 36% of likely voters support it versus 58% opposed.

"Most Americans also oppose most abortions and want laws to limit abortions or make them illegal," reports LN. "According to a recent Gallup poll, just 29% of Americans want unlimited abortion up to birth."

Democrats for Life estimates more than 23 million Democrats in the U.S. are pro-life.