Cold Hard Cash: Republicans Wallop The Democrats In Midterm Election Fundraising

The RNC raked in more than double the DNC's take in the month of July

The Democratic Party may think they have the upper hand in the 2018 midterm elections, but if their fundraising is any indication, the next 15 months might be closer to a total disappointment.

According to numbers from the Federal Election Commission, which released its second quarter reports over the weekend, the Republican National Committed hauled in more than $10 million, with most of that money going to fight 2018 midterm Congressional races. The Democrats? Well, they pulled in a miserable $3.8 million — its lowest single-month fundraising total in almost decade.

Overall, the two parties have vastly different war chests: Republicans have raised $86.5 million since the start of the year, even as Democrats insist that Republicans are bearing the brunt of President Donald Trump's low approval ratings. The DNC has raised only $42 million, and they're still struggling with debt from 2016. After July's numbers, they remain in the red, owing around $3.8 million to vendors and venues who served Hillary Clinton's disasterous failure.

Part of the Democrats' problem is DNC chair Tom Perez, who has focused less on raising the money necessary for Democrats looking to be competitive in their 2018 races, and more on "refining" the Democrats' message — a task that appears to mostly involve incorporating the f-word into speeches, and holding Twitter polls to decide what should go on the DNC's next free bumper sticker.

Even that's gone miserably. One of the "winning options" was a sticker that read, "Have you seen the other guys?"

So inspiring.

Big name Democratic donors tell The Hill that they're not losing sleep and that they trust Tom Perez to "turn the ship around" before it runs aground on the party's own stupidity. They probably shouldn't hold their breath.


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