Conspiracy theory savant Alex Jones was doused with coffee from a random man as he was strolling the streets of Seattle on Friday.

Jones used Periscope to rant about how the media covered the Barcelona terror attacks while walking through Seattle. Naturally, people recognized the nutty conspiracy theorist and threw shade at him, which Jones did not take kindly to.

One of the moments that went viral was when some male shouted "You're trash!" at Jones as he was walking, prompting Jones to furiously shout back at him, "Come tell me on camera! Come here, coward!"

Jones and the man moved rather close to each other as Jones demanded, "Tell people intellectually who you are!"

The man replied, "I'm your momma!"

Jones blithely responded that the man was a "literal slave of the system." Right when he said that, the man splashed his coffee on Jones.

Without missing a beat, Jones said, "See that? That's who they are. Look at the slave."

The man then held up his thermos in a position that made it seem like he was going to strike Jones with it. Jones taunted him to use it, but the man instead made an obscene gesture and said he needed to go to work to get more coffee.

"This is the brainwashing," Jones said. "You see? And I'm proud of this. This is who they are. That's why they're allied with jihadis, because they hate the West so much."

Another viral moment featured Jones literally chasing after a man who made an obscene gesture at him as the two lobbed f-bombs at each other.

The hilarity of Jones doing his usual nutty thing in Seattle prompted even the Seattle Police to make the following joke:

The video can be seen below: (WARNING: Explicit)

H/T: Mediaite

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