Leftists Claim Serena Williams' 1950s-Themed Baby Shower Encouraged Racism

The "vintage-style" party featured celebrities, adorable costumes, and, apparently, regressive ideology

Serena Williams may be one of the world's best tennis players — if not one of the greatest female tennis players in history — but according to the Washington Post, she's also setting back the clock half a century when it comes to racism, sexism and homophobia.

Serena, you see, is due to give birth to her first child in just a few weeks, and as with most first time moms, Serena's friends and family threw her a baby shower. Over the weekend, A-listers from the world of music, sports, entertainment, and fashion convened in West Palm Beach for an adorable 1950s-themed bash, complete with classic cars, a juke box and, of course, poodle skirts aplenty.

But as with most things in our world that are both cute and enjoyable, Serena's baby shower was met with a wave of scorn and finger-wagging from leftist circles, as feminists took to social media to condemn the tennis star and her friends for glorifying an era where segregation was the norm, barefoot and pregnant women were chained to stoves, white men held all the power, and violence and bigotry were the norm.

How dare Serena and her friends enjoy the hilarious, if historically inaccurate trappings of a mid-century diner; didn't they know that people of different races weren't allowed to eat together? And how ridiculous is it that they'd be celebrating a pregant women, when women of the 1950s saw motherhood as a life-ending career choice that shackled them to a family?

Feminist professor Karen Dunak whined to WaPo's audience:

By glorifying 1950s culture in the political climate in which we live, these women, who assuredly would not want to return to Jim Crow-era Florida, unwittingly reinforced a dangerous nostalgia that obscures the era’s harsh historical realities. Although the 1950s were great for white, heterosexual Americans, for people of color and sexual minorities it was a time of racial violence and pervasive sexism and bigotry.

Dunak went on to accuse Williams of "promot[ing] a romanticized history," and providing "cultural justification" for the racist, sexist, classest, and even anti-LGBT policies of an era that happened more than three decades before Serena Williams was even born.

Oh, and Dusek also warned that by pulling on that poodle skirt and posing with a classic car, Williams and her friends were actively promoting Donald Trump's vision of America. Celebrating the "nostalgic culture" of the 1950s, Dusek claims, feeds a "cultural nostalgia" that in turn gives rise not just to Trump's "Make America Great Again" slogan, but also the white nationalism that inspired the events in Charlottesville."

That would, of course, be news to guests like Eva Longoria, who has been an outspoken opponent of Trump since before Trump was even elected, and to the Williams sisters who are, shall we say, likely not proponents of white supremacy.

But don't tell that to Dusek — and don't claim that a 50s-themed baby shower is all just good clean fun. In her final paragraph, Dusek issues a dire warning, that considering things "cute" and "fun" is a black hole that probably leads straight to Hitler.

Okay, so she doesn't say Hitler exactly, but you get the point. You are no longer allowed to have fun, America. The feminists say so.

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