This Man Is Wanted For Failing To Appear In Court Over Allegations Of Having Sex With A Chain-Linked Fence.

A Texas man is wanted by police for not appearing in court after there were allegations of fornicating with a chain-linked fence.

The man, identified as 32-year-old Eliodoro Estala, was caught on video in March urinating on a fence in Travis County, TX. When Estala realized he was being filmed, he took off his clothes and started performing some weird sexual acts upon the fence.

Estala denied to police shortly thereafter that he did anything wrong, although the police believe that he was inebriated with alcohol since he reeked of alcohol and "swayed left to right as he walked." He was allegedly being difficult for the police to deal with.

He was eventually arrested under charges of indecent exposure. Estala was set free on a $2,500 bond, which has now been forfeited.

Now a warrant has been issued over the matter, as Estala did not appear in court and is on the run. Authorities are still searching for him.

Estala has a prior drunk driving conviction on his record from 2010.

Here is a picture of the man:

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