On Tuesday, the most extreme abortion bill in the nation was signed into law by Oregon Governor Kate Brown, requiring taxpayers to fund on-demand abortion for both citizens and illegal immigrants through health insurance plans.

As reported by The Associated Press, the law allows patients free abortion coverage "for virtually any reason, at any time, including sex-selective and late-term abortions." Additionally, about $500,000 will be allocated to fund abortions for illegal immigrants over the next two years, notes Live Action.

In other words, taxpayers in Oregon can theoretically be forced to foot the bill for the murder of an illegal immigrant's innocent unborn child in the ninth month of pregnancy simply because the child is female or has a genetic defect like Down Syndrome.

Mind you, this law is being celebrated by the party that purports to stand for the most vulnerable.

Figure that one out.

"Oregon will become the first state to offer free abortions — even sex-selective abortion and late-term abortion — at taxpayers' expense," wrote Live Action President Lila Rose in a Facebook post last month. "This is extreme and heartless. Oregon is making it easier to kill a child rather than finding solutions to help women choose life."

The law runs counter to the Hyde Amendment, which protects American citizens by restricting federal tax-dollars from directly funding the barbaric practice of abortion (although this is already arguably violated by Planned Parenthood).

Watch Rose denounce the bill, below: