London Developer Ordered To Build Gay Bar Or Be Denied Building Permit

Gay bars are protected landmarks

On top of stripping parental rights away and ordering the death of ailing infants, the United Kingdom also dictates that private companies should have to build a gay bar if they want to do business.

According to an article on LifeSiteNews, a private developer purchased a site on which to build luxury flats, and since the site had a closed gay bar, the City Council ordered that the developer must replace it with a new gay bar or else be denied a license.

Developer Regal Homes was specifically ordered by Tower Hamlets Council to follow strict guidelines — including the duration of time that this new gay bar would have to be open — to build an establishment that will “remain a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender-focused venue for a minimum of 12 years.”

Once this new gay bar passes an inspection from the mayor's office, and by that they mean making sure it hits maximum gayness on the rainbow meter, the new gay bar will be chalked down as "complete."

“I am delighted that as a council we are leading the way in using innovative ways to protect spaces such as the Joiners Arms site,” said Tower Hamlets Mayor John Biggs.

No exception is noted as to whether or not the gay bar can economically flourish, and considering that London's gay bars have dropped from 125 in 2006 to 53 today, it's safe to say that London's gay bar market has flamed out. As London Bridge faces the threat of falling down from Islamic terrorists, city officials are fighting the good fight by ensuring that these declining gay bars come back in vogue.

One of the alleged reasons for this mass exodus of gay bars has been attributed by some experts to the online “hookup” culture, with sites like Grindr and Tinder. In other words, they went to the clubs for more than just mai tais.

The now-closed gay bar that the developers must rebuild was known as “The Joiners,” a night club that according to author Paul Flynn, "encouraged a reckless attitude from its patrons which was really exciting.”

“Most people can’t remember what happened [during their time at the bar],” he admitted. “It was genuinely a bacchanal place.”

The developer, Regal Homes, immediately caved to the political correctness and will build the bar.

“The development on Hackney Road will re-provide a public house at ground-floor level with the same floor space as the previous Joiners Arms pub,” it said in a statement.

“We are committed to keeping this space within our development in Tower Hamlets as a LGBT+ venue and have offered a right of first refusal on the lease to LGBT+ interested parties, including the Friends of the Joiners Arms and the New Joiners Arms,” it continued.

“If the lease is taken up by an interested party, then the venue will be secured for at least 12 years for LGBT+ use,” it added.

In the bizarro world of the 21st century, marauders threaten to destroy historic statues and famed monuments while gay bars are protected landmarks.

Someone wake me up.

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