A leftist female rabbi believes she's starting a political and spiritual revolution after taking a novel and new social media approach to Donald Trump's administration: cursing him out on Twitter.

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg, who also claims to be an expert on parenting and setting good examples for growing children, let loose with this missive Wednesday afternoon.

The intention, it seems, was to lead other members of the clergy, across faiths, in issuing profane declarations of their own, but only one other minister, an "animal assisted therapy advocate" with exactly 81 Twitter followers followed suit. Ruttenberg was quick to retweet.

Ruttenberg is, of course, no stranger to political commentary and, it appears, often uses her status as a religious official to give credibility to her own personal, political opinions. In this case, she appears to claim that her experience as a rabbi (her ordination came from the non-Orthodox American Jewish University, formerly the University of Judaism) allows her to use profane language to refer to the President of the United States, and consider it a legitimate political opinion, if not a direction for her flock to follow.

Previously, Ruttenberg's political claim to fame was having been arrested outside New York's Trump International Hotel & Tower during a protest against the president's executive order banning most travel from several majority-Muslim countries that the administration deemed material supporters of terror.

That arrest, she claimed, quite dramatically, in The Washington Post, was a "holy experience" where she offered herself — and her white privilege — up to the state, reminiscent of her Jewish ancestors who offered their animal sacrifices to God on the holy altar at the Temple in Jerusalem.

Fortunately for the Post's readers, it appears Ruttenberg will not author another opinion piece lauding herself for her boundless courage in addressing an F-word laden Tweet to Donald Trump.