Top European Leader Rages At Pope Francis For Ordering Hospitals To Cease Euthanizing People

A top European leader has been raging at Pope Francis for declaring that hospitals should be reserved for curing sick people, not euthanizing them.

Earlier in the month, the Roman Pontiff ordered a Belgian Catholic charity — the Brothers of Charity Group — to reverse their egregious decision to allow doctors to perform euthanasia at its 15 psychiatric hospitals in Belgium — the only country outside of the Netherlands where doctors can murder people with mental health issues at their request.

Imagine that insanity: insane people are permitted to request sane doctors to execute them.

In order to qualify, these insane people that have little grasp on reality or view it with distorted lenses must be in a state of "unbearable suffering." The execution would then come under review by three doctors, including one psychiatrist.

Since euthanasia and assisted-suicide in all forms violate Catholic moral teaching, Pope Francis ordered the charity's board of directors, headed by mostly laity, to reverse their decision.

Br. Rene Stockman, the order's superior general, strongly criticized the decision as well.

"This is the very first time a Christian organization states that euthanasia is an ordinary medical practice that falls under the physician's therapeutic freedom," wrote the charity's superior general, Rene Stockman, who delivered the request from Pope Francis via two letters.

"This is disloyal, outrageous and unacceptable."

Now a former president of the European Council has publicly rebuked the Holy Father, saying he should have no say in the matter while rudely mocking Canon Law.

Herman van Rompuy said on Twitter “The time of ‘Roma locuta causa finita’ is long past”.

The Latin phrase translates as "Rome has spoken, the matter is finished," paraphrases a quote from St. Augustine on the Pope's authority regarding faith and morals.

Pope Francis has also ordered that if Brothers of Charity does not reverse their decision, then religious brothers serving on the board of trustees will face sanctions under canon law. The group could face legal action or expulsion from the Church as well.

The Brothers of Charity Group has not responded to the Pope's ultimatum.

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