Rosie The Reviler: Only A 'F***ing Nazi' Works For 'Adolf Trump'

Hear her roar.

Up from calling President Trump an "orange piece of sh–t," Rosie "The Reviler" O'Donnell's new nickname for her longtime rival is the most original yet: "Adolf Trump."

It takes some serious street cred to coin the phrase "Adolf Trump." It's almost as ingenious as calling him "Donald Hitler," or comparing all of his supporters to Nazis.

O'Donnell began her Twitter rant on Tuesday responding to President Trump's press conference where he denounced the MSM's coverage of the attack.

“[R]epublicans – this is on you – every single one of you who stand by this madman – do something – denounce him – file articles of impeachment,” O’Donnell tweeted.

Asked if other members of Trump's staff were also "Nazis," O'Donnell said of course.

Following Rosie on social media serves as good entertainment, and considering the debacles Hollywood puts out these days, that's a nice reprieve. She never says anything rational and her enraged voice dictating the text jumps straight off the page.

"WE ARE WOMEN HEAR US ROAR YOU ORANGE MUTHA F&:KER" is probably my favorite of her rants, though a "Sh–t stain with a tinge of orange" comes close.

Her most recent SJW faux-pas was assuming the gender of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un by calling him "Sir" and kissing his totalitarian rear on social media.

"Hey, Mr. Kim Jong Un? Sorry if I didn’t pronounce that right," O'Donnell said last Friday. "Anyway sir, um, our president Donald is a moron. Don’t listen to him. We don’t."


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