WATCH: NYPD Officer Mocks Protesters Yelling At Him For Guarding Trump Tower

It was brilliant.

After President Trump returned to New York City, an anti-Trump protest broke out near Trump Tower. The New York Police Department dispatched officers to keep the peace, eliciting perennial outrage from leftist protesters who found it personally offensive that the police were doing their job.

However, during one exchange between police and leftists, one police officer responded to their chants with something lacking on late-night television: comedy. Using a clearly sarcastic tone, he stated that he "sold my soul for a badge." Watch below:

Naturally, the protesters decided to take him seriously rather than appreciate the humor.

This is the best way to respond to this insanity. It is much easier to respond to these individuals by making fun of them rather than taking everything they say seriously. Since these protesters are not at all serious, then it is better to treat them as a joke.

Thank you for keeping the peace, Officer!

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