WATCH: Leftists Protesters Clash With Police In Seattle. Again.

NBC Affiliate Describes Leftists As 'Anti-Hate'

On Sunday, assorted left-wing protesters — some clad in all-black clothing and masked — clashed with police in Seattle.

#BREAKING: Violent clash between police and protesters in downtown Seattle: https://t.co/LhMXEsniXP pic.twitter.com/tAmYmPyLAP

Broadly, clashing groups can be divided into two camps: supporters and opponents of President Donald Trump.

RT - the Russian state’s English language propaganda news media arm - captured and shared some video from police clashes with leftists; see it below.

Seattle's left-wing mayor hyped "racism" as a meaningful social force in Washington's capital:, seeingly offering political support to leftist demonstrators:

A local NBC affiliate toed the leftist line, describing “anti-fascist” leftists as “opposing [and] against hate.” Various socialist and communist signage was displayed by leftist demonstrators and agitators; none of which was reported by NBC's local affiliate.

NBC's local affiliate ran a chyron describing leftist events as "anti-hate":

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