WATCH: DNC Deputy Chair Claims Kim Jong-Un Acts More Responsible Than Trump

Threatening Guam is responsible?

Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee Keith Ellison made the startling claim that North Korean communist dictator Kim Jong-Un is "more responsible" than President Donald Trump.

Speaking in Atlanta, Georgia at the left-wing Netroots Nation conference, Ellison was asked a question about the rising tensions between North Korea and the United States.

The Minnesota congressman did not hesitate to take several potshots at Trump, speaking critically of the rhetoric the president uses and his overall handling of the situation. That was when Ellison claimed that a dictator who feeds his political enemies to rabid dogs is more responsible than a Republican president.

Ellison said, "North Korea is a serious thing. You have this guy [President Trump] making bellicose threats against somebody else who has very little to lose over there. He added, "Kim Jong-un, the world always thought he was not a responsible leader. Well, he's acting more responsible than this guy is."

Ellison concluded by calling for "diplomacy in North Korea immediately."

Ellison must have missed the intelligence briefing where North Korea threatened to bomb the U.S. military base in Guam.

Watch the comments below:

(H/T Washington Free Beacon)

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