The necessity of the Second Amendment and self-defense was highlighted yet again when a man was able to stop a stabber without firing a shot.

It all began early Sunday afternoon in Seminole, Florida, when a woman named Rosanna Lynd was sitting in her car. A man identified as Bobby Martin Watson approached the car and attempted to steal Lynd's purse.

A struggle then ensued as Watson tried to wrestle away the purse from Lynd, prompting Watson to stab Lynd in her left thigh and abdomen. Watson then fled.

Christopher McMann witnessed the encounter and pursued Watson. When Watson stabbed him in the back, McMann kept chasing after him and was joined by another man identified as Travis Jones.

McMann and Jones tackled Watson, but in the process Watson stabbed Jones in the abdomen, although Jones later said he didn't realize he had been stabbed until the police noticed the blood seeping out of him. Jones' heart was "millimeters" away from his stab wound.

The struggle eventually stopped when a man named Donald Rush entered the fray with a gun that he had taken out of his car. Rush held Watson at gunpoint until the police arrived and booked Watson.

Watson faces charges of armed robbery and battery with a deadly weapon. Lynd, McMann and Jones are all expected to survive their stab wounds.

Incidents like this show why the Second Amendment should never be taken for granted. Perhaps McMann and Jones would have been able to contain Watson, but it could have easily become a worse situation had Rush, a good guy with a gun, not been there to hold Watson at bay. Good guys with guns can easily stop bad guys with knives.

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