SNL Tries To Mock The Mooch, Fails Miserably

Womp womp ...

Saturday Night Live is thriving in the Donald Trump era. This is no surprise, given the abundance of mock-worthy material the administration offers up on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, the writers at SNL don't seem to understand that there are certain situations and individuals that cannot be mocked because they occupy a space just outside reality; they are themselves a mockery.

For every inspired satire (Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer), there are characters that just need to be left alone.

This week, Bill Hader appeared on Weekend Update: Summer Edition as Anthony Scaramucci … and it was rough. The Mooch is a living caricature; there is nothing SNL could have done that would top what the man himself already said and did.

Even with the help of the always-brilliant Bill Hader, the writers at SNL simply couldn't pull this one off. It was shockingly unfunny.


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