The United States territory of Guam has issued a warning to its citizens about how they should conduct themselves in the case of a nuclear attack.

On Wednesday, North Korea threatened to strike Guam with their newly completed mini-nuclear warhead after President Trump warned that he would rain down "fire" and "fury" on the reclusive dictatorship if they don't stop their belligerent actions. The government of Guam seems to be taking this threat seriously, issuing a fact sheet this week on what to do if the country gets hit by a nuke.

The instructions begin by advising residents to formulate an emergency plan and stockpile emergency supplies in the event of a nuclear strike. If the strike does occur, Guam advises its residents to take shelter and stay inside for at least 24 hours until instructed otherwise.

Those unable to reach a shelter before the strike occurs are told, "Do not look at the flash or fireball — It can blind you."

The fact sheet also tells citizens to "lie flat on the ground and cover your head" and then eventually find shelter, where you will have to remove your radioactively-contaminated clothing.

In the aftermath of a strike, the government says not to enter any areas that are designated as contaminated and await further instructions from local officials.

Despite the alarming nature of the fact sheet, Guam Governor Eddie Calvo (R) announced in a press conference that there was no indication of a forthcoming attack against the island and urged residents to go about their everyday lives. The fact sheet was nothing more than a precautionary measure.

While one would think that North Korea would know better than to strike Guam for fear of being vaporized by the U.S., especially since China has told them they're on their own if they do so, the fact that they have the capability to do so greatly heightens the situation.

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