It's a 25-foot inflatable chicken with gold-colored hair, eyebrows and lips holding out its little chicken-wing hands — and somehow it looks exactly like President Trump.

The giant blow-up appeared suddenly yesterday on the Ellipse, a wide grassy area between the White House and the Washington Monument.

And while the liberals who erected it no doubt meant the symbol of Trump as a chicken to be a supreme insult, we gotta' say — the president should embrace this guy cuz' he looks pretty badass.

Now, forget that that morons who put the giant doll in the Ellipse, facing the back of the White House, apparently don't know that the president is out of town until Aug. 21 at the earliest while The People's House undergoes some renovations (doesn't that sort of make them chickens?). And forget that the Democrats are millions of dollars in debt (funny, they're new motto of "We Really Hate Donald Trump!" doesn't seem to be bringing on any new followers).

You can even forget that Donald Duck is a ready-made meme that would catch fire on social media (although Disney would be unhappy).

Here's the thing: The erection of the chicken comes a day after Trump threatened to unleash "the fury and the fire" on North Korea if the rogue nation doesn't stop its belligerent actions. So, not chicken. And the angry eyebrows of the Chicken of the United States (we almost wrote COTUS, but then didn't, for obvious reasons) makes him look like he really means business.

Also, while the chicken is a universal symbol for a coward, let me just add, as a country guy, that you really don't want to mess with an angry chicken. Sure, they can't fly, but they are relentless and, contrary to the meme, they don't actually run away. They bring it — hard. And a 25-foot angry chicken? Run!

Of course, Twitter had a field day with the whole thing.