Reuters reported that two men suspected of being linked to the Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris were arrested at a refugee center in Austria.

The two men were arrested in Salzburg, on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist organization. The names of the two men were not released. Both men are said to be from the Middle East, and to have entered Europe via Greece with ISIS terrorists.

An Austrian newspaper, however, reported that the two men are French citizens using forged Syrian passports to pose as refugees. Kronen-Zeitung, Austria’s largest newspaper, reported that the two men have Algerian and Pakistani roots.

Also reported is that the two men traveled with the 13 Islamic terrorists who carried out the attack last month in Paris.

Austria’s Minister of Justice warned against linking migrants and refugees with threats to national and continental security, saying, “"Refugees shouldn't come under general suspicion - that would not be appropriate,"

Adeslam Salah, suspected of involvement in the Paris attacks, evaded law enforcement in the immediate aftermath and is still at large. Two days after the attacks, Belgian police were unable to raid a building in which he was suspected of hiding due to laws banning such searched between 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. Despite this, the building was still not entered by police until 10:00 AM.

The Belgian Minister of Justice will address these events on national television on Thursday.