The Left Is NOT Going To Like Who Secretly Invested In 'Wonder Woman'

Cue the outrage.

On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the Koch brothers, two of the most vilified and maligned right-wing megadonors in modern American politics, are "secret investors" in the girl-power hit Wonder Woman.

"Though they might be the most reviled figures among Hollywood's liberal crowd, the Koch brothers have been a silent investor in Warner Bros.' slate of movies for four years," says the exclusive report.

"Sources say Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch — who are worth a combined $96.2 billion and wield enormous power in political circles as major backers of right-wing politicians — took a significant stake valued at tens of millions of dollars in RatPac-Dune Entertainment. Now-Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin brought the brothers in as investors as part of a $450 million deal struck in 2013 — a move that was never disclosed because RatPac-Dune is a private company," notes The Hollywood Reporter. "Though Mnuchin is no longer involved with the slate financing facility, having recently put his stake into a blind trust in order to avoid a conflict of interest, the Koch brothers continue to be stakeholders in such films as Wonder Woman, Dunkirk and Steven Spielberg's upcoming Ready Player One."

The Koch brothers, however, are denying an such investment: "Charles Koch, David Koch and Koch Industries do not have any involvement with this investment," said a Koch Industries spokesperson.

A source told The Hollywood Reporter that the billionaires are keeping the investment secret because the Koch brothers are "in it to make money. They're not in it for the recognition."

Of course, Hollywood is not exactly a place known for its warmth toward conservatives. This might also be a reason for the anonymity. For example, one of the creators of Citizen Koch, a documentary which cast the Koch brothers as evil villains, has already slammed the Koch-Hollywood connection:

"I don't think the Kochs have spent a dime of money out of altruism. It's all toward advancing their bottom line, whether it's in politics or the private sector. I don't think it would be too cynical to believe that this was not calculated. It doesn't bode well for Hollywood," said Carl Deal.

One thing is for sure, all the liberals who once hailed Wonder Woman as one small step toward ridding their patriarchy-imposed shackles are not going to be pleasantly surprised over the news.

This, and the reality that star Gal Gadot is a proud Israeli, might just be too much for them to handle.


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