Tarantino: Disney Extorting Iconic Theater Into Not Playing His Movie

Director Quentin Tarantino was on the Howard Stern show this week making a serious claim about the Disney corporation.

Tarantino says that Disney vindictively pressured the Arclight movie theater chain into canceling the showings of his upcoming grizzly western The Hateful Eight, instead showing Star Wars: The Force Awakens for the entire holiday season at their iconic Cinerama Dome in Hollywood.

(Warning: the clip above has some strong language)

Tarantino, who grew up in Los Angeles and loves the Cinerama Dome so much he put it in the opening credits of his film, is "f-ing pissed off" because he had an existing contract with Arclight, which owns and operates the theater, to play his film on December 25 for two weeks. Star Wars was to be playing the two weeks before Tarantino's film; all was right with the world.

That world lasted until Tarantino received a phone call telling him that Disney, which owns Star Wars, informed Arclight that if they didn't cancel The Hateful Eight's run in that one particular theater and continue showing Star Wars they would pull the film from being shown in all Arclight theaters. Hearing that they were going to be denied profiting from the biggest movie of all time, Arclight quickly pushed Tarantino aside, sending him on his curse-laden rant to Stern.

No word yet from Disney on the situation because they're too busy swimming Scrooge McDuck-style through their record-setting pre-sales profit from The Force Awakens.

"The Hateful Eight" trailer below doesn't have any lightsabers or Jedi but it does have Kurt Russell; some say he's even more delightful than both ...



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