Did Trump Just Tweet Out A Report Filled With Leaked, Classified Information?

Is Trump compromising national security?

President Trump has justified his obsession with Twitter by arguing that social media platforms are a great way to bypass the “fake news” media complex and speak directly to the people. But has he gone too far? Is Trump’s tweeting a national security concern?

Case in point: Early Tuesday Trump retweeted a Fox News report about North Korea that purportedly contained classified information.

So what, you may be asking yourself? The information is already out there, right? Wrong.

By retweeting the post, the Commander-in-Chief is confirming the validity of the information contained in the report. More importantly, the classified information in question was allegedly leaked by Trump’s own national security team, raising questions about the president shutting down leakers.

There are some things the general public shouldn’t know. The president should understand that better than anybody.


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