“The word Trump is a modern-day swastika,” said Dean Obeidallah on Monday during an MSNBC segment.

Obeidallah hosts a radio show on SiriusXM’s Progress station and is a columnist for The Daily Beast; he is also a CNN alumnus.

Obeidallah credited President Donald Trump with having “emboldened” bigots, waxing historical by drawing on the 1962 gubernatorial election of Democrat segregationist George Wallace in Alabama:

Since January, we’ve had five mosques burned down in America by arson. That’s according to the police. We’ve had swastikas written on mosques. We’ve had the word “Trump” painted on mosques in New Jersey, Iowa, and New York. For some, the word “Trump” is becoming a modern-day swastika.

I wrote a few days before the election, saying if Trump wins, I fear the bigots will be emboldened, and I looked at our history. In the Civil Rights Movement, when white segregationists won elections, like in George Wallace, within months of him being elected, the 16th Street Baptist Church was blown up and four young girls were killed. This is the climate, they’re emboldened.

Obeidallah framed President Donald as ushering in a “climate” of fear around Muslims predicated on two assertions: (1) Muslims are generalized victims of a broad-based and unjustified animosity directed toward them, and (2) America is broadly hostile toward Muslims.

Muslims now fear being "attacked or killed" because of their religion, said Obeidallah:

I don’t expect Donald Trump to stand up for the Muslim-American community. This is a man who campaigned in ways we’ve never seen; demonizing our community, saying, “Islam hates us,” saying thousands of Muslims cheered on 9/11 in New Jersey, which was such a lie — Rudy Giuliani said it was not true — calling for a “complete shutdown” on Muslims. He demonized our community where what we’re seeing today, the climate we live in, is thanks to a man named Donald J. Trump who is President of the United States. So I don’t expect him to stand up for us. Our community feels very alone, and not only alone, we feel like we have a president who demonizes us to win votes, doesn’t care about us, and it’s a time of fear that’s palpable, and it should not be something in 2017; should worry about because of your faith you or your family might be attacked or killed.

Supposedly rising hostility toward Muslims is connected to the political rise of Trump, said Obeidallah:

We can’t look at this in a vacuum. That’s the biggest thing. That’s why I wrote the article at The Daily Beast. My Facebook page is filled daily with Muslims around the country — young Muslims — talking about being harassed, being bullied, attacks on the mosque, death threats.

You know, you live in a country now where if you’re a parents of Muslims, you fear your kids going out because they might be attacked at the mosque. This is a place of worship. There should be a zero tolerance policy about any of this.

Watch the segment below:

Last November, Obeidallah hyped “fear” among Muslims, framing Muslims as terrified of the incoming Trump administration. CNN’s Van Jones echoed this narrative, alleging that Muslim friends of his feared for the safety of their families upon hearing the news of Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

Obeidallah regularly uses the term "Islamophobia." He also regularly denies the overlaps between Islamic terrorism, Islam, and Muslims.

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