Republican Donor Sues Party For Fraud Over Obamacare Repeal

We all remember George H.W. Bush’s famous promise to the American people: “Read my lips, no new taxes.” Not too long after, in typical Republican fashion, Bush, of course, raised taxes. It was as if the promise never existed, and it's entirely plausible that this reason alone is why he lost his 1992 reelection bid to Bill Clinton.

Most expected the Republicans to learn a lesson from Bush’s mistake — don't make promises you won't deliver on, or it will cost you.

But alas, the Republicans preformed the classic “hold my beer” routine with the egregious “attempt” at repealing Obamacare, a disastrous piece of legislation that arguably led the GOP to its majority in almost all areas of government. With its failure to repeal Obamacare, the GOP has committed its worst fraud and broken promise since Bush’s promise not to raise taxes.

As such, Bob Heghmann, a Republican donor in Virginia, filed a lawsuit on Thursday in the U.S. district court. He filed the suit against both the national and Virginia Republican parties, based on his supposition that they campaigned and fundraised on repealing Obamacare, all while knowing they were lying and never had intention to repeal Barack Obama’s legislation.

Furthermore, the suit alleges that the party is guilty of both racketeering and fraud, perpetrated on both voters and donors, and even affecting some Independents and Democrats as well. The suit states that the national GOP raised more than $735 million and the Virginia GOP more than $20 million between 2009-2016, based on the premise that the law would be repealed.

According the The Hill, Heghmann wants the defendants, the RNC and the Republican Party of Virginia, to either threaten to withhold contributions to members of Congress for not repealing Obamacare, or return donor money.

Heghmann is absolutely right in his frustration, as is pretty much every American who believed these people who, once in power, had no incentive to keep their promise that awarded them over 1,000 seats throughout the country, both nationally and at state levels. Sadly, there is no reason to believe that they will continue to win if the American public doesn't trust them.

Obviously, conservatives hope that this is just basic incompetence on the party’s part, and that it will get its act together and finally repeal this disastrous law that has caused health premiums and deductibles to skyrocket, and many insurance companies to leave key markets, including counties and entire states. Some states, such as Iowa, have only one insurance company that its residents can choose from. Obamacare has many other problems that are beyond the scope of this piece, but the point is that it is catastrophic for the country to keep the law in place.

But, in typical Republican fashion, either the party is too scared of the media to do anything about it, or it just doesn't hold the conservative values it pretends to when its politicians are campaigning. Either way, this could be the breaking point for conservatives, and many have already left the party to look for alternatives who share their values.

If the Republican Party doesn't change course fast, on this issue especially, this will be the worst broken promise since Bush’s tax promise, if not the worst broken promise in modern American politics. Not to mention that it could destroy the party completely, and rightfully so. This would not necessarily be a good thing to happen, but it would be well deserved.

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