“We don’t engage in fishing expeditions,” said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein of the Department of Justice’s investigations during a Sunday-aired interview with Fox News Channel’s Chris Wallace.

Wallace accepted Rosenstein’s claim without challenge.

Wallace did not ask Rosenstein to elaborate on the limitations of parameters of the Justice Department’s ostensible investigation into alleged Russian interference into last year’s presidential election or political collusion between the Trump transition-team-turned-administration; two intertwined narratives pushed by Democrats and their news media allies.

The scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ostensible investigation into what Wallace described as the “Russia probe” is not publicly shared, claimed Rosenstein. Wallace offered no challenge to this statement.

Specific questions pertaining to what crime(s) is/are being investigated by Mueller were not asked by Wallace. Also ignored were issues related to temporal, geographical, personal, or other limitations placed on Mueller's ostensible investigation.

Watch the segment below.

Watch the entire interview below.

Rosenstein erred in neglecting to provide limiting parameters on the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller’s ostensible investigation, as per National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy:

As we have repeatedly observed, a counterintelligence investigation has no discernible jurisdictional limits. Its purpose is to collect information, and from an investigator’s point of view, you can never have enough information. The reason the regulations controlling special-counsel appointments call for a criminal investigation is that crimes have knowable parameters; therefore, when the Justice Department specifies the crimes a special counsel is authorized to investigate, there are obvious jurisdictional limits.

As McCarthy puts it, the "potential for destructiveness" of the investigation "is a function of the boundless jurisdiction Rosenstein gave Mueller, which itself is a result of improperly appointing a special counsel to run a counterintelligence investigation."

Mueller’s investigation’s expansion into the financial activities of Donald Trump and his associates is without merit, explains McCarthy:

Mueller has also broadened his scope to include the scrutinizing of financial activities of Trump associates, reportedly based on hunches about possible bribery and money-laundering. These, in turn, are based on the assumption that there was collusion — notwithstanding that months of investigation by the FBI and several congressional committees has turned up no such evidence.

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