Biker Club Finds Out Schoolboy Is Being Ruthlessly Bullied. What Happens Next Is AMAZING.

The young boy told his mother he had thoughts of suicide.

When a biker group heard about a sixth-grade boy being mercilessly bullied by his classmates, 50 bikers responded by escorting the student to school on his first day back, eating breakfast with the child, and praying over him.

It all started when Indiana mother Tammy Mick confided in a friend, director of United Motorcycle Enthusiasts Brent Warfield, about her son being bullied.

Dekalb Middle School student Phil Mick says his classmates would mock him, tease him about his weight, and even physically assault him. At one point, Phil told his mother he had thought about ending his life.

Warfield felt compassion for the hurting mother and took issue with the bullying; he immediately decided to do something about it.

The motorcyclist posted about young Phil's situation on his Facebook account, asking if others would like to escort the student to school. Warfield says he was overwhelmed with responses from fellow bikers, some traveling from over an hour away.

Taking a stand against bullying, over 50 bikers escorted Phil and Tammy to school on their motorcycles. The group ate breakfast together and the bikers prayed over the boy.

“We want to get our message out there that we are here for our youth. They are not alone,” explained Warfield.

The generous bikers also chipped-in to provide Phil with new school clothes and supplies.

“Phil got his 1st ride on a motorcycle to school,” said Warfield in a Facebook post. “We had a amazing turnout. The Motorcycle Community has come together to help stand up against bullying and show our support for those that are getting bullied. We would like to see programs with speakers go to schools and discuss bullying.”

Phil was elated over the support. “I got a guardian angel watching over me,” he said.

The badass bikers with zero tolerance for bullying plan on taking a ride for suicide and teen bullying awareness on September 23.


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