WATCH: Most Corrupt Congresswoman Maxine Waters Deems Trump The Worst Person She Has Ever Met

"The most deplorable person I've ever met in my life."

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) — one of the most corrupt members of Congress — went on a tirade against President Trump on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday, calling him the worst person she has ever met.

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski asked Waters if it was time to seriously consider impeachment against Trump after the news about Special Counsel Robert Mueller impaneling a grand jury, and Waters predictably pounced.

"I've said over and over again I think he's the most deplorable [person] I've ever met in my life," said Waters, "and I think when you take a look at his allies and some in his cabinet, all of these people around him with connections to the Ukraine or to Russia or to oil, everybody should have known that. We should have moved faster."

Waters added that she fears that the country is moving closer toward "a constitutional crisis."

Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough asked Waters if there was any optimism about General John Kelly reining in Trump as his new chief of staff. Naturally, Waters didn't have any.

"We've been talking about this president becoming presidential or transitioning long enough," Waters said. "It's not going to happen."

"He is a flawed man with no real values and no real appreciation or understanding for government or public policy. No, I have no hopes that anybody is going to be able to contain him or that he's going to change," she said.

Later on in the segment Waters patted herself on the back for starting the conversation about Trump's impeachment, but when asked for evidence about any collusion between Trump and Russia, she couldn't manage to provide any.

"I believe that this president tried to convince [Russian dictator Vladimir] Putin that he could lift those sanctions," Waters said. "I believe that he had Putin believing that he had the power and the influence to do that. And this is what I think it's all about, I think it's about drilling in the Arctic and I think it's about lifting those sanctions."

The full clip can be seen below:

Waters has been dubbed as the "auntie" of the so-called Resistance movement, which is a bad sign for the movement since she's notoriously corrupt. The Daily Wire has highlighted some of her corruption:

Waters helped steer bailout money in 2008 toward OneUnited; she failed to disclose that her husband, Sidney Williams, owned OneUnited stock and used to be a board member of the bank. Additionally, in 2002 Waters attempted to pressure regulators to block a merger between the Family Savings bank and FBOP Corp., to open the door for the Boston Bank of Commerce – the name of OneUnited at the time – to merge with Family Savings. While the regulators didn't uphold her request, Waters' public campaign eventually resulted in the Boston Bank of Commerce merging with Family Savings into OneUnited. Waters and her husband bought OneUnited stock in 2004.

This is why the George Soros-funded Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) has rated Waters as among the most corrupt members of Congress.

Waters' ties to OneUnited sparked a three-year ethics investigation by the House Ethics Committee, which resulted in the committee determining that she didn't technically violate any rules. They did, however, give her grandson and chief of staff, Mikael Moore, a slap on the wrist for going "behind the congresswoman's back to continue to lobby for special treatment."

"At best, that shows that Waters runs a haphazard office," wrote Phillip Wegmann at The Washington Examiner. "At worst, it suggests she deliberately took steps to avoid prosecution."

There is also this instance of shady dealing by Waters:

According to The Washington Times: “A lobbyist known as one of California’s most successful power brokers while serving as a legislative leader in that state paid Rep. Maxine Waters’ husband $15,000 in consulting fees at a time she was co-sponsoring legislation that would help save the real-estate finance business of one of the lobbyist’s best-paying clients…”

“Real-estate finance businesses,” such as the one helped by Waters’ influence, were labeled a “scam” by the IRS in a 2006 report.

If Waters continues to be the face of the Resistance movement and lead the charge of impeachment against Trump, then the president is in good shape for re-election in 2020.

H/T: Daily Caller

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