WATCH: Al Gore Gets Destroyed By Questioner During Town Hall

CNN broadcast a town hall of Al Gore on Monday that featured Gore getting destroyed by a questioner over his climate change alarmism.

The questioner, James Eskridge — mayor of Tangier Island, VA — told Gore that reality didn't match Gore's rhetoric.

"I'm not a scientist but I'm a keen observer," Eskridge said. "If sea level rises occurred, why am I not seeing signs of it? Our island is disappearing, but it's because of erosion and not sea level rising."

Eskridge proceeded to ask Gore why he wasn't seeing any evidence of rising sea levels. Gore responded by asking Eskridge why he thought the island was disappearing, which Eskridge said was due to "wave action" and "storms." Gore then asked Eskridge if the wave action and storms were increasing; Eskridge answered in the negative.

"This erosion has been going on since Captain John Smith discovered the island and named it," said Eskridge, "and it's gotten to our doorstep now and we focus on it more."

Gore had no answer to Eskridge's question so he filibustered.

"It won't necessarily do you any good for me to tell you that the scientists do say that the sea level is rising in the Chesapeake Bay and you've lost about two-thirds of your island already over a longer period of time," said Gore.

Gore then asked Eskridge what a two-foot sea level rise would mean for Tangier Island; Eskridge responded that the island is four feet above sea level, meaning "we don't have the land to give up." But he still didn't see any evidence of rising sea levels.

Yet again, Gore danced around Eskridge's observation.

"The challenge around this issue is taking what the scientists say and translating it into terms that are believable to people where they can see the consequences in their own lives," Gore said, "and I get that and I try every day to figure out ways to do that."

Of course, there really isn't any evidence to suggest that the sea levels are rising, despite what Gore claims. Maybe that's why Gore consumed 21 times more energy than the average household in the country in 2016.

For more coverage on Gore's climate change town hall, read Robert Kraychik's work on it here and here.

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