Top Palestinian Leader Who Accused Israel Of Genocide Is Now Begging Israel For Life-Saving Advanced Lung Transplant Surgery


Saeb Erekat has spent the last 25 years of his life as a propagandist for the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), slandering Israel with blood libels and accusations of genocide. As the chief negotiator and secretary general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Erekat blamed Israel for all ills and implied that the Israelis are engaged in an active campaign to dehumanize Palestinian lives.

When Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called one of Israel’s wars in Gaza a “genocide,” Erekat defended his comments and doubled-down on the accusations. “Naming things by their name is not extreme,” he said in September 2014. “What do you think the actual reality is [for] the thousands of orphans, 91 families that no longer exist anymore in Gaza — that were terminated?” (It goes without saying that defensive Israeli actions — against Hamas terrorists using civilians as human shields — have sometimes led to collateral damage, but that doesn’t even come close to a “genocide").

But now, after accusing the Jewish State of some of the worst crimes humanly imaginable, Erekat is banking on Israel to save his life.

Currently, he’s being treated for pulmonary fibrosis by Israeli physicians as he awaits life-saving advanced lung transplant surgery in Israel.

“The chief PA negotiator has been receiving additional treatment at a hospital in central Israel, but doctors have warned that his condition cannot improve without an immediate transplant,” reports The Times of Israel, citing a report in Ynet News.

At 62, Erekat’s life is in Israel’s hands. According to doctors, medications prescribed to treat his disease stopped working several months ago. Since then, the Palestinian propagandist’s condition has gotten much worse.

His only hope now is lung transplant surgery performed by talented Israeli surgeons, the same ones who purportedly stay up late at night and drink the blood of non-Jews with their matzos.

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