Swing State BOMBSHELL: Democrat Election Official Admits Illegal Votes 'Slip Through'

“Some of them are not eligible to vote and they slip through,” the Supervisor of Elections of a massive Democrat county in the crucial swing state of Florida admitted under oath. Well, then!

Second only to Miami-Dade, Broward is the biggest county in the crucial swing state of Florida. And like Miami-Dade, registered Republicans are a vanishing species. By a 2-to-1 ratio of 508,000 to 252,000, Democrats enjoy a massive advantage over the GOP.

Currently, election supervisor Dr. Brenda Snipes, a Democrat originally appointed by — get this — Jeb Bush, is fighting a federal lawsuit over the county's apparent refusal to clean up its voter rolls. The suit, filed by the American Civil Rights Union (ACRU) claims that their own audit shows that Broward County "has had more voters on its rolls than eligible voting-age residents, or at the very least, that it has close to a 100 percent voter registration[.]"

In other words, when people die, are convicted of a felony, move elsewhere, or file false registration forms, nothing or not enough is being done to remove them from the voter rolls. What this means is that if this person, or someone claiming to be this person, walks in to vote, the fact that they are on the rolls makes it next to impossible to stop them from casting an illegal vote.

Anyone who lived through the 2000 presidential recount does not need me to explain how just a few hundred votes can change the outcome of everything, especially in Florida.

For her part, Snipes claims she has been cleaning up the voter rolls and even admits that the lawsuit has prompted her to do a better job. But the most important part of the Sun Sentinel story is, naturally, buried under a dozen or so paragraphs, the part where Snipes admits under oath that people are voting illegally in Broward County.

"Some of them are not eligible to vote and they slip through," Snipes said.

And there you have it… In the very state where just 17 years ago the American presidency was decided by a mere 537 votes, the Supervisor of Elections admits that illegal voting takes place.

Later in her testimony, Snipes tried to clean up her mess with this non sequitur, “When it does happen, we try to jump on it right away.”

I'm sorry, but what does that even mean? You have just said that those who vote illegally "slip through." How can you "jump on it right away" after they have already "slipped through" and cast an illegal ballot that almost certainly benefited a Democrat?

If the local media is burying this bombshell, you can only imagine the radio silence in the national media.

Cover up. Cover up. Cover up.

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