Israelis are a tough bunch. Surrounded by hostile Muslim Arab countries hell-bent on seeing the destruction of the one and only Jewish state in the world, Israelis have been raised to defend themselves with unparalleled creativity. Last Monday, one Israeli pizza shop owner put that upbringing to good use, smashing a Palestinian terrorist with a pizza tray. The epic beat-down was caught on tape:

Here’s some context to the story:

After going on a stabbing spree and attacking an Arab bus driver (mistaking him for a Jew), the 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist from Qalqilya walked over to Pizza Nepolita to harm more people. But the stab-happy jihadist walked into the wrong restaurant. Upon entering the pizza shop, the terrorist was beaten down with a pizza tray by owner Shlomi Madar. The terrorist tried to stab Madar multiple times but his attempts were futile. Madar eventually hit the terrorist in the nose, causing him to drop his weapon and flee like a coward.

This isn’t the first time that an Israeli civilian has used his wits to take out an armed Palestinian attacker.

“In recent years, Israelis have used a wide variety of objects to fend off Palestinian attackers,” reports Algemeiner. “For example, in March 2016, an Israeli man broke his guitar over the head of a Palestinian terrorist who was in the midst of conducting a deadly stabbing spree on the boardwalk in Jaffa.”

Thankfully, Monday’s terror incident wasn’t nearly as deadly as it could have been. While the Arab bus driver was hospitalized with moderate to severe wounds, no one else was injured thanks to the courageous actions of Shlomi Madar.

After being beaten down by a pizza tray, the terrorist was later arrested by police.

Talking to investigators after the incident, the Palestinian stabber said that he carried out his attack out of anger over recent clashes between Palestinian rioters and Israeli security forces at the Temple Mount.