On Sunday, Fox & Friends spoke with 12-year-old Millie March, a young supporter of President Donald Trump.

"There is a 35-year-old woman alive in your 12-year-old daughter; she speaks like a grown up,” said Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy to March’s father.

March’s parents met at a “political event,” which her father described as serendipitous given his young daughter’s political acumen.

"We don’t tell [Millie] what to think,” said March’s father. “We expose her to the subject material. She’s the one that reads the books. She’s the one that watches the news shows, the speeches, [and] attends the events.”

March praised Trump when invited to do so by Doocy:

[Donald Trump] is doing an amazing job as president. He is even trying to repeal Obamacare, now. He is doing the best job as a president you could ever do. He has done more in the past six months than Obama has in the past years.

Watch the segment below.

Millie is currently student president at her elementary school.

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