Thanks, De Blasio! Naked Illegal Immigrants With Painted-On Bras Run Wild In New York 'Sanctuary' City

The harassing, naked panhandlers have sanctuary in Times Square thanks to Comrade de Blasio.

Comrade Bill de Blasio is either doing New York City tourists a favor or causing them serious annoyance, depending on how one might view harassment from naked females in body paint. (Some people are into that sort of thing.)

Under current "sanctuary city" policies per the mayor, the reported naked female panhandlers harassing tourists for money in Times Square aren't being targeted and arrested by police “because most of them are illegal immigrants.” Fox News reports:

A law enforcement source told The New York Post that past proposals to license the often obnoxious street performers went nowhere because most of them are illegal immigrants and wouldn’t register anyway. Plus, City Hall, under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, isn’t interested in going after illegals such as the desnudas, the source told The Post.

One of the naked women told a New York Post reporter: “I told you, if you don’t have a tip, then f*** off!”

She seems lovely.

But it's not just hot naked ladies in body paint looking for cash; it's superheroes and Disney stars like Minnie Mouse begging for dough and leaving their Designated Activity Zones.

“Suddenly, there’s three Minnies in your picture,” said Times Square Alliance President Tim Tomkins. “And a Batman, and a Spider-Man. And they all want cash. And they’re all outside the zone.”

Tomkins labeled such activity a "scam."

“I just encountered that with Cookie Monster. I didn’t want to get a photo, and he or she or whoever it was, they were very aggressive with me," one tourist told the Post.

Meanwhile, an NYPD spokesman is suggesting the illegals are at least being ticketed (although seemingly not being deported), telling the Post that “a number of arrests and hundreds of summons issued to costume characters” have been given out in the last year.

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