Loesch: Bannon 'Not A Good Person'; 'Fights Like A Chick'

Stephen Bannon “is not a good person,” said Dana Loesch on Friday, during her eponymous radio show.

Loesch expressed her dislike of the president’s chief strategist, whom she worked with in her former role as an employee of Breitbart.

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci’s recent criticisms of Bannon were apt, suggested Loesch:

When I read what Anthony Scaramucci said about Steve Bannon’s self-pleasuring, because I know Steve Bannon, unless he’s taking yoga he’s not that flexible; although I wouldn’t put it past him to have ribs removed.

Anthony Scaramucci endeared himself to me a little bit, when I read that. It’s very difficult to read people go after someone that you know is not a good person and they take them to the woodshed; it’s really hard not to want to be best friends with that person.

Bannon “fights like a chick” and lacks “good character,” added Loesch:

Now this was my favorite part of [Scaramucci’s comments to Ryan Lizza], and just so there are some people who don’t know, I’ve known Steve Bannon longer than people have been aware of him, and I do not like him. I don’t like him personally, and I do not like him professionally, and I do not think he is of good character.

Bannon kind of fights like a chick. He keeps it all down low, and he does really nasty stuff behind the scenes so that he can look pristine and pure out in the public … so he can act completely innocent publicly.

Listen to Loesch's commentary below:

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