Republicans Will Vote On Health Care. So Boston Globe Rips ... Mitt Romney?

On Tuesday, The Boston Globe, which was bought from The New York Times in 2013 by Boston Red Sox owner John Henry, a committed donor to the Democratic Party, took a swipe at former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, ripping him for enjoying a vacation while the tumult over Obamacare was raging in Washington D.C.

The Globe titled its article, “While the Senate debated health care, Mitt Romney was waterskiing.” After noting the contentious proceedings in Washington D.C., the Globe continued:

One Republican who appears to be unbothered by all the political tumult? That would be Mitt Romney. The former Massachusetts governor and two-time GOP presidential candidate looked quite carefree while showing off his waterskiing skills earlier this week.

The Globe cited the Instagram account of Romney’s daughter showing Romney waterskiing.

It appears that the Globe wants to make sure that with all the raucous events within the GOP in Washington, someone from the GOP who represented the party with class and dignity in 2012 gets slammed. Why else rip a man who has nothing to do with what is going on in Washington?

When the Globe was sold by the Times to John Henry in 2013, there was an outcry from conservatives because a wealthy conservative claimed he had offered the Times more than Henry had. John Lynch, CEO of the media company U-T San Diego, told the Boston Herald, “We bid significantly more than Henry. At the end of the day, I’m certain our bid was higher and could have been a lot more higher if they had just asked. I’m just stunned. I thought this was a public company that had a fiduciary duty to get the most by its stockholders.”

That supposition gained more credence within days of the Globe’s sale, when The Washington Post was sold for more than three times the purchase price for the Globe. Lynch told Bloomberg News. “I think it really makes The New York Times look silly when you compare the $250 million (for The Washington Post) versus the $70 million that (was) secured on behalf of The New York Times (for The Boston Globe).”

John Henry has a history of commitment to the Democratic Party; as Newsbusters reported in 2013, “According to his donation records, he has given more than $1.1 million to Democratic candidates and special interest groups while a single $1,000 contribution went to a lone Republican.”

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