Silence Is Consent: MSM Covers Up Journalist's 'Butch Queen' Attack On Sarah Huckabee Sanders

If the mainstream media wants to know why they no longer possess any moral authority with the American people, why they no longer have the influence they once did to shape public opinion and the outcome of elections, why their approval rating is half that of President Trump's, the past four days, in which one of their very own attacked White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders as a "butch queen," will help to explain that.

On Friday, after it was announced that Sanders would take over for Sean Spicer as press secretary, Ira Madison III, a culture writer at the leftwing Daily Beast, used his verified Twitter account to publish a photo of Sanders with the following attack, "Butch queen first time in drags at ball.”

As you might expect, in the age of New Media, where the MSM no longer controls the means of information distribution that once allowed them to keep inconvenient information like this from reaching the public, Madison's tweet was met with instant outrage on social media. Betsy Rothstein of the Daily Caller first picked up the story, and before long other new media outlets like Newsbusters, the Washington Times, and Fox News were all over it.

The fact that a journalist who works for a major online publication attacked a sitting press secretary in such a demeaning and public way is of course news. And yet…

A good faith look through the Google machine shows that not a single mainstream media outlet picked the story up.

Not one.

Nothing at CNN.

Not a peep from Politico.

Not a sound from NBC News.

Not a squeak from The Washington Post.

Not a squeal from The New York Times.

You might argue that a dumb tweet from a jerk-off journalist actually doesn’t rank as a news story. Okay. Explain to me, then, how an innocuous Facebook post from a nobody-GOP staffer constructively critical of Barack Obama's daughters earned 26 stories at The Washington Post, countless segments on CNN, endless blasts from NBC News… A relentless pounding until this poor woman was forced to resign.

And then explain to me how the Sanders attack is still not news after the White House gets involved, after Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci publicly demands an apology (and after four long days, got one)?

Isn't everything the White House does news?

Does the MSM not love to make itself the story?

Do we not live in an age when attacks on women, especially on a woman's looks, is verboten?

Do we not live in an era when the coin of the realm in the media is a rush to virtue signal against every conceivable outrage and offense?

And yet, despite all this — not to mention the click bait factor, the fact that such a story would generate all kinds of traffic — the MSM completely buried the story.

Why, you ask?

Because silence is consent.

How many times must this double standard be pointed out, how many times must the left, and even those within the media, get away with behavior that would end the career of anyone on the right, before we wake up to the fact that when the mainstream media says, writes, tweets, reports and does absolutely nothing, that this is quite obviously a proactive move on their part to encourage more of this behavior?

The good news is that in this age of new media, the dinosaur media's outrageously hypocritical behavior is backfiring, bigly. The whole country sees this double standard, this cover up, this consent. Even those who might not like Trump see it.

No one respects the American media anymore.

No one.

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