Guess Which City Tops The List As The Worst Sanctuary City?

"Sanctuary cities, in my opinion, are un-American," says the acting head of ICE.

As the Trump administration looks to enforce the law and crack down on illegal immigration, liberal mayors from major cities are vowing to push back and promote amnesty in so-called sanctuary cities.

In an interview with The Washington Examiner, acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement Thomas D. Homan singles out Chicago as one of the worst offenders.

"In the last year, I've read all these stories of how the crime rate has exploded in Chicago, and the president's trying to help them. We're stepping up our game in Chicago. Is Chicago doing everything that it can to decrease the criminal activity up there? I say no," Homan told The Examiner.

He continued:

I say no because if you're an illegal alien, and you get arrested in the United States for a crime, and you get booked in Cook County, Chicago, my officers aren't allowed in the jail. They don't accept our detainers. They don't share information with us.

Labeling sanctuary cities as "un-American," Homan conveyed his frustration with Democratically-run blue cities refusing to comply with federal law enforcement.

"They're a sanctuary city, they're proud of it," he stated, adding: "Why would Cook County not want my officers, federal law enforcement officers, to go talk to somebody who is illegally in the United States that committed yet another crime against the citizens of this country? It's ludicrous."

But Chicago isn’t the only city that’s actively fighting the country’s immigration laws.

Citing the recent attacks carried out by illegal immigrants, Homan told The Examiner that both San Francisco and New York join Chicago in their "un-American" embrace of sanctuaries for illegals.

"These jurisdictions, these cities, are choosing to shield people who violated the laws of this country that committed a crime against this country; they're going to shield them. So, what's next? Sanctuary cities for people who don't want to pay their taxes?" he concluded.

But as Homan has made quite clear, there’s a new sheriff in town; no longer will the federal government stand by and watch illegal immigrants pour into the country without any regard for rule of law. With the president behind him, Homan is planning on cracking down on sanctuary cities unapologetically. It can’t come soon enough.

H/t The Washington Examiner


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