NYT Whines: Russian Jews Don't Believe Our Russia Narrative!

They 'Should Know Better'

“[Russian Jews] should know better” than to dismiss narratives pushed by The New York Times (NYT) regarding “the brazen Russian intrusion into American politics that has been certified by American intelligence agencies," argues the "paper of record."

A Monday-published op-ed at The Gray Lady expresses frustration with Americans of Russian Jewish background — a reliably anti-leftist demographic bloc — who reject the narrative of “Russia cyber-scheming in America before the election to help [Donald Trump].”

Residents of New York City’s Brighton Beach — one of the world’s biggest hubs of Russian Jews outside of Russia — is the focus of the NYT op-ed on Russian Jewish hostility to Democrats:

The puzzle in Brighton Beach is much the same as in other parts of the Trump base: Why is there no great alarm from President Trump or his supporters about the brazen Russian intrusion into American politics that has been certified by American intelligence agencies? The question is even starker when posed to old Soviet émigrés who should know better as they enjoy the well-stocked shops and flowing freedom along Brighton Beach Avenue.

Russian Jews are overly anti-communist in their politics, suggests the NYT, going so far as rejecting ostensibly good-faith “government service proposals by Democrats”:

‘Anything that remotely smells of Communism they hate,” said Mr. Kliger (a sociologist who is director of Russian Jewish community affairs for the American Jewish Committee), noting how even the focus on government service proposals by Democrats can be mistrusted. Thus, partisan zealots labeled Hillary Clinton not just the familiar Trumpian ‘crook,’ but a ‘socialist” as well — the hated S-word in Brighton Beach.

"Fake news from Democrats" is how Mikhail Rubinsteyn — a Brighton Beach resident and Soviet emigre who fled nearly 40 years ago — described the aforementioned narrative.

The NYT regularly frames last year's presidential election as having been compromised by "hacks," "interference," and "meddling" directed by the Russian state; it frames the aforementioned narrative as axiomatic.

The NYT presents itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet.

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