Levin: We'll Lose The Country If We Don't Have A Reawakening Of Americanism

'We want our liberty, we want our freedom.'

Radio host and constitutional scholar Mark Levin gave a dire warning in an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN): America as envisioned by the founders will be lost if there isn't a reawakening of Americanism.

Levin described his new bestselling book, Rediscovering Americanism And The Tyranny Of Progressivism, in which Levin discusses the philosophers America's founders relied upon — including John Locke, Aristotle and Marcus Cicero — and contrasted them with the philosophers that influential progressives like Herbert Croly and Woodrow Wilson relied upon, including Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Karl Marx and Georg Hegel.

Rousseau, Marx and Hegel all share one common thread: they "reject the notion of the laws of nature and nature's God" that are enshrined in America's founding documents, per Levin, which means that progressives dismiss a key aspect needed to secure liberty.

"There are universal laws, there are universal, eternal truths; right and wrong, good and evil, a moral order," Levin told CBN. "People are to be virtuous, prudential, and be temperate and so forth and so on."

Levin added, "What does it mean, these universal truths? These God-given universal truths, man can't make them, man can't take them away, whether it's in the form of a legislature or a dictator or a vote of your community."

Instead of building a society on natural law and eternal truths, progressives prefer "an administrative state" where so-called "experts" in the bureaucracy run society. But Levin asks an important question: "How are these people experts?"

"They're part of the Civil Service; they're part of a public sector union, some of them have their jobs because of seniority, some of them have them because of affirmative action," Levin said. "Is it based on training? Is it based on Ivy League schools? Is it based on experience? So the whole myth that government is filled with these experts who are noble, who are going to improve health care and education and so forth, it's been a myth, it's been a lie from day one, from their philosophers, to their thinkers, to their current politicians, like Bernie Sanders."

Progressives also seek to create a society based on positive rights, where the government provides a right to "health care and food and shelter." But this is not what the founders wanted.

"They figured we'll take care of that," Levin said. "We want our liberty, we want our freedom. … if we do not engage in the battle of ideas — not so much against elites, but elitism — we're going to lose because most societies are formed by the elites, by the intellectuals by the academics whether we like it or not."

The full interview can be seen below:

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