We’re told incessantly that the gridlock between Israelis and Palestinian Arabs is the result of a “cycle of violence,” mere territorial claims that should be settled by calm heads and a bit of jaw-jaw.

So, let’s examine the triggers for “spontaneous” Palestinian Arab violence against Israelis.

Last week, three Palestinian terrorists used the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, as a staging point to murder two Israeli Druze police officers. They were shot for their trouble. The Israelis then put metal detectors at the entrypoint to the Temple Mount — a measure that makes a good deal of sense, given what had just happened, and given the fact that for years the Palestinians have been treating the Temple Mount as a garbage heap, destroying Jewish antiquities atop the site, while Jews have been openly prevented from even mouthing prayers out of misguided respect for the Islamic Waqf.

The metal detectors have been used as an excuse by Palestinian Arabs, egged on by the supposedly peace-loving Palestinian Authority, to violence. That violence reached its apex in Halamish, where a 20-year-old Palestinian terrorist, to the cheers of Hamas and his own mother, murdered three Jews in their home before being shot by an off-duty soldier who rushed to the scene.

This is nothing new.

In 2000, Ariel Sharon, leader of the Likud Party at the time, visited the Temple Mount. In a spate of organized violence, the Palestinian Authority led an “intifada” that resulted in 3,000 Palestinian deaths and 1,000 Israeli deaths. Going all the way back to 1929, Arabs murdered 133 Jews after Jews marched to the Western Wall and sang “Hatikva,” now the Israeli national anthem.

Here’s the reality: the Palestinian Arabs are not interested in peace with Israel, and they never were. This is a religious war, not a territorial one. And if metal detectors are enough to set off riots, metal detectors aren’t the problem at all.