Former Planned Parenthood Client: Defund Them. Now.

"Planned Parenthood treated me like a number toward their quota."

On an annual basis, abortion mill Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion dollars from American taxpayers. As some Republicans push for the defunding of the scandal-ridden lucrative nonprofit in proposed health care bills, the Left has sought to fearmonger over the proposal and fashion supporters of the effort as far-right, anti-woman extremists.

"But the reality is that many women who have gone to the abortion industry for care – like myself – are some of the most vocal proponents of defunding the abortion provider," says Ally Bowlin, writing at Live Action News.

Bowlin explains how she succumbed to the lies of the pro-abortion movement and regretfully had an abortion. At a follow-up appointment at a Planned Parenthood facility, Bowlin says she was treated "like a number," void of any real "care" the company so often touts.

"Unfortunately, I succumbed to society’s lies and the devaluing of women in the abortion industry at 21 years old," says Bowlin. "My post-abortion follow-up appointment at Planned Parenthood was no more than 15 minutes, not counting the 30 minutes past my appointment time in the waiting room and then another 15 to even see the doctor. Planned Parenthood treated me like a number toward their quota."

Bowlin says she was quickly passed off after informing a Planned Parenthood clinician that her abortion had taken and she was no longer pregnant; she received no education on contraception (though she says she was on birth control pills at the time she became pregnant), was not informed of any physical side effects from the abortion, or given any counseling options to deal with the emotional trauma:

Planned Parenthood provided no education about contraception failing, even though I – along with a shocking percentage of women obtaining abortions – was on birth control when I got pregnant. ... Nor did Planned Parenthood provide any education about the effects the abortion could have on me (it turns out there were many, and they were severe). There were no counseling options.

The post-abortive mother now works at a pro-life nonprofit called Human Coalition where she can "use my past and my voice to be a voice for the children lost to get the Planned Parenthood monster defunded."

"If Planned Parenthood is all about 'empowering women,' caring for women in need, or educating and training women, then why was I pushed out the door before I could even ask any questions?" she asks. "And I am not an outlier, a singular example of Planned Parenthood misogyny and profiteering. Former Planned Parenthood managers have confirmed that my experience of sub-par care and being ushered through the business quickly is Planned Parenthood’s business model."

Other women who have been victimized by Planned Parenthood have publicly come forward to ring the alarm on the company's business practices, "and countless other women carry their heartbreak silently because they have not been empowered to speak out for themselves and their children," says Bowlin.

And for women who have tragically died from complications of abortions performed at Planned Parenthood, such as 24-year-old Cree Erwin, their families have bravely come forward to lift the veil on the corrupt corporation.

"If we knew how many women and families carried the overwhelming grief of abortion in silence, the number would be paralyzing. It has become my mission to change that – to rally the voices of women whom the abortion industry has tried to silence – and end the barbaric, anti-woman practice of abortion in America once and for all," concludes Bowlin.


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