MSNBC Host Gets WRECKED After Posting Ignorant Tweet About Trump's 'Soviet' Wives

MSNBC host Joy Reid spends most of her show AM Joy and her social media feed over-hyping alleged "collusion" between President Donald Trump and the Russians, typically making connections that simply don't exist outside of her and the #Resistance's paranoid brains.

On Friday, it was more of the same from Reid — though this time, she was blasted online for her ignorance.

The MSNBC host went after President Trump's past and current wives to seemingly make another non-connection look like a connection to Russia: "Donald Trump married one American (his second wife) and two women from what used to be Soviet Yugoslavia: Ivana-Slovakia, Melania-Slovenia," wrote Reid.

While it's true that Trump's second wife, Marla Maples, is American (well done, Joy!), Trump's first wife and current wife are not from "Soviet" Yugoslavia, because Yugoslavia was never Soviet. And it get's better: Ivana, Trump's first wife, is not even from Slovakia, she's from Czechoslovakia.

So close, Joy.

Twitter users kindly let the MSNBC host know of her errors, and her "blatant xenophobia."

Reid's Twitter bio is not helping her.

Better luck next time, Joy.

H/T The Blaze

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