WATCH: Islamic Terrorists Smuggle Weapons Into Mosque To Carry Out Attack On Temple Mount

For Muslim terrorists, Islamic mosques double as weapons depots. CCTV footage obtained by Israel shows that the three Arab-Israeli terrorists who carried out last Friday’s shooting attack at the Temple Mount smuggled their weapons into the Al Aqsa Mosque to avoid Israeli security forces.

“The video shows how the assailants, who were accompanied by an accomplice, entered the Temple Mount complex to take out their attack,” reports The Jerusalem Post. “Viewers can see the terrorists entering the Old City through Herod's Gate, and then traveling to the Huta Gate, where they entered the Temple Mount compound. While entering the compound, one of the men is seen being stopped by police for a quick search, and is then allowed through.”

An accomplice can be seen wearing a backpack to smuggle in the guns, which would later be used to carry out the attack. Three of the men end up changing their clothing to elude detection. They went on to murder two Israeli-Druze officers in cold blood.

The footage does not the show the actual shooting but rather skips to the aftermath. The two officers, Kamil Shnaan and Haiel Sitawe, can be seen fatally shot.


Given the horrific nature of the attack, the Israeli army has installed metal detectors at the gate of the Temple Mount, a necessary security precaution that has Palestinian activists furious.

“The Israeli police need these metal detectors so the security checks can give a proper response to the security considerations,” said Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan Thursday.

But Palestinians say that the Israelis are trying to change the so-called status quo on the Temple Mount to prevent Muslims from engaging in religious rituals, a claim that is firmly denied by Israeli leaders.


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