‘Beyonce Professor’ Says McCain Should Go Ahead And Die Because He Supports Obamacare Repeal

When you aren’t getting noticed, and you need the Left to find you so they can publish your book, what better way to attack a former presidential candidate who was also tortured for years by the Viet Cong? After it was announced that Senator John McCain had been diagnosed with brain cancer, a writer who has been an adjunct part-time lecturer at Rutgers University and taught a class there called “Politicizing Beyonce” starting in 2010, decided to attack McCain in a vicious tweet:

In November 2016, police took Allred, who taught women’s and gender studies classes, from his Brooklyn home to Bellevue Hospital for a psychological exam after Rutgers officials called police because someone at the university reported him for comments about flag burning and gun control that allegedly threatened white people.

The NYPD said campus cops in New Brunswick, N.J., asked them to conduct “a wellness check ... on the professor based on comments he made in the classroom and on Twitter about killing white people.”

Rutgers officials later released a statement saying Allred was no longer teaching. Rutgers spokesman E.J. Miranda stated:

We will not comment on the specifics of an individual personnel matter. As a general rule, however, when the university is presented with allegations of threats to public safety, we take those allegations very seriously and have an obligation to investigate. Mr. Allred has been placed on administrative leave and will therefore not be teaching.

The day after Donald Trump was elected president, Allred tweeted, “If I see any Trump bumper stickers on the road today, my brakes will go out and I’ll run you off the road.”

Allred taught a course titled “Feminist Perspectives: Politicizing Beyoncé,” which he has turned into a book titled Politicizing Beyonce.

Allred has described himself as a "feminist author" and "shameless outlaw of academia.” An alleged post by Allred, as seen below, stated, “”Will the 2nd amendment be as cool when I buy a gun and start shooting at random white people or no …?”

Allred has been desperately trying to turn his “Politicizing Beyonce” seminar into something much grander:

And he does seem to have a problem with white people:

He complained about his lack of success in getting his book published:

He has grandiose notions of being the “enemy of the state”:

Oh, by the way, by May, he was trumpeting the book’s bibliography:

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