Guess Where Obama Wants To Visit Before He Leaves Office. Here Are Five Reasons That’s Disgusting.

In an interview with Yahoo News, President Obama insisted that he “very much” wanted to visit Cuba before he leaves the Oval Office. While he didn’t offer specifics, Obama suggested that he planned on visiting the Communist mecca “sometime next year,” making the final decision “over the next several months.”

On Dec. 17, 2014, Obama and Raúl Castro stunned the world by disclosing that they had held secret negotiations and were prepared to usher in a new era of U.S.-Cuba relations, starting with the resumption of full diplomatic ties,” notes Yahoo News. “Embassies reopened in Havana and Washington, the United States removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism, and the two sides took steps to increase travel and business opportunities.”

This president’s Cuba-obsession is no longer a publicity ploy, but a historical disaster. Here are 5 reasons why Obama’s imminent plan to visit Cuba is disgusting.

1. Cuba is the capital of unlawful detainment. Obama is the self-proclaimed president of “social justice” and “criminal justice reform.” Hypocrisy much?

The Castro regime only exists because it silences any and all voices of opposition. Fidel Castro took this tactic straight out of the dictator’s handbook. Fidel’s brother, Raul, now the new tyrant-in-chief has embraced this brutal legacy with voracious zeal.

Human Rights Watch reports:

The government continues to rely on arbitrary detention to harass and intimidate individuals who exercise their fundamental rights. The Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN)—an independent human rights group the government views as illegal—received over 7,188 reports of arbitrary detentions from January through August 2014, a sharp increase from approximately 2,900 in 2013 and 1,100 in 2010 during the same time period.

Security officers virtually never present arrest orders to justify the detention of critics and threaten them with criminal sentences if they continue to participate in ‘counterrevolutionary' activities. In some cases, detainees are released after receiving official warnings, which prosecutors can then use in subsequent criminal trials to show a pattern of delinquent behavior. Dissidents said these warnings aim to discourage them from participating in activities seen as critical of the government.

Detention is often used preemptively to prevent individuals from participating in peaceful marches or meetings to discuss politics…

Detainees are often beaten, threatened, and held incommunicado for hours and even days

2. Cuba shuts down freedom of expression. The United States of America is suppose to champion free speech as a human right.

America was founded on the principle of liberty and justice for all. In fact, the founding fathers made sure that freedom of speech was placed under the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights. “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech,” said Benjamin Franklin.

Unfortunately, “social justice warrior” Obama doesn’t appear to take this naturalized right all that seriously. Instead of aggressively condemning Cuba for its suppression of free speech, Obama embraces the censorship dystopia with open arms.

According to Human Rights Watch, “The government controls all media outlets in Cuba and tightly restricts access to outside information, severely limiting the right to freedom of expression. Only a very small fraction of Cubans are able to read independent websites and blogs because of the high cost of, and limited access to, the Internet.

In fact, “A May 2013 government decree directed at expanding Internet access stipulates that the Internet cannot be used for activities that undermine ‘public security, the integrity, the economy, independence, and national security’ of Cuba—broadly worded conditions that could be used against government critics.”

Freedom of the press is not a reality in Cuba either. “A small number of independent journalists and bloggers manage to write articles for websites or blogs, or publish tweets,” reports HRW. “Yet those who publish information considered critical of the government are sometimes subject to smear campaigns, attacks, and arbitrary arrests, as are artists and academics who demand greater freedoms.

3. Cuba does not recognize human rights as a legitimate grievance.

As Obama preaches about “justice” and “equality” at highly-funded American universities, Cuban students suffer under the tremendous weight of the government’s human rights abuses. Whether it’s unlawful detainment or extrajudicial executions, Cuba fails to recognize the basic humanity of its citizens.

This is all the more disconcerting given the fact that Cuba doesn’t allow for international monitors or third-party assessment of its deteriorating human rights situation.

“The Cuban government still refuses to recognize human rights monitoring as a legitimate activity and denies legal status to local human rights groups,” asserts HRW. “Meanwhile, government authorities harass, assault, and imprison human rights defenders who attempt to document abuses.”

4. Cuba is notoriously anti-American.

“Cuba has been the epicenter of anti-Americanism in modern Latin America,” writes Enrique Krauze for The New York Times. This deep-rooted hatred transcends even Cold War politics. “At its distant origins, anti-Americanism had a religious character: a defensive fear on the part of conservative groups and the Catholic Church directed against the penetration of Protestant belief and culture,” adds Krauze.

Obama’s hope for peaceful relations with Cuba is about as naive as trusting Vladimir Putin. This president operates under the delusion that megalomaniacal dictators can “change” (as his campaign slogan suggests) and adopt democratic principles overnight. Perhaps President Obama should study his World War II history.

5. Cuban-American dissidents consider Obama a traitor for his newfound love for Cuba.

“Cries of ‘Obama traidor!’ (Obama is a traitor) rang José Martí Park in Little Havana, where about 250 people protested [the] historic announcement by President Barack Obama and Cuba’s Raúl Castro that the two countries were normalizing relations following more than five decades of hostility,” reported the Miami Herald on the week of Obama’s infamous Cuba announcement. “About 40 Cuban exile groups put together the protest, where about a dozen speakers, including local politicians, dissidents and others rallied the crowd.”

Cuban-American civic leaders have strongly criticized the president for his lack of judgment. “Obama has created the expectation that dollars will begin to flow,” stated a teary-eyed Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart, R-Miami “Dollars are going to go into the pockets of the Castros!”

Cuban-American dissidents as well as Cuban political refugees have all expressed contempt for what they view as cowardly appeasement. Obama is now bootlicking the same regime that strips its owns citizens of basic civil rights.

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