INSANITY: Purdue Hands Out 'Privilege Scorecards' To Students

Did you think Brooklyn’s “Check Your Privilege” cards were amazing? Then you’ll love this: Mike Allison at Turning Point News is reporting that students in a Purdue University class were given “Privilege Scorecards,” which is somehow stupider than it sounds.

The questionnaire takes eleven totally arbitrary categories and awards points based on your answers. Because that is how equality works. There is much of the usual nonsense present: White and Asian people earn 25 and 10 points, respectively, while Latino and Black people are deducted points; Women lose 50 points, but gain back 20 points if they are cisgender women.

Gay people lose 100 points, which I find deeply insulting as a gay man who would love nothing more than to just be counted the same as everybody else. Not to worry though, since the goal seems to be to get as far in the negatives as possible.

A gay, intersex, trans, black, Middle-Eastern, Muslim, homeless, blind, short, ugly scientist who cannot add and is filling the form out on a Friday night would have -2570 points, which is of course a big win for that population.

For some reason, Jews (against whom the majority of religiously-motivated hate crimes are committed) are awarded 25 points, while Christians are awarded 5 and Muslims lose 50. Jewish exclusion is not a surprise, since this comes from the same branch of leftism as the Chicago Dyke March (of “Zio” fame).

This scorecard is a logical endgame of the emphasis that leftists have been putting on victimhood and the Oppression Olympics, championing those who have perceived disadvantages as inherently more virtuous. The obvious logical flaw here is that separating groups of people by physical characteristics and then assigning them virtue is the dictionary definition of racism.

Purdue, by the way, is a publicly-funded university.


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