SHOCKER: Tucker Carlson Invites Rabid Anti-Semitic Leftist Max Blumenthal To His Show

What the hell is going on?

Last night, Tucker Carlson invited AlterNet Senior Editor and rabid anti-Semitic activist Max Blumenthal to his Fox News show to discuss the Russia collusion narrative. Blumenthal, the son of former Clinton senior advisor Sidney Blumenthal, said that it was likely that MSNBC's Rachel Maddow's "dots may never connect" and that the Democrats are proactively pushing the Trump-Russia collusion narrative to avoid actions on any progressive issues. He also implied that Trump's election was the result of both political parties throwing the country under the bus. Here is what Blumenthal said:

I see Trump as the apotheosis of a failed political establishment, both from the Republicans and the Democrats. Pushing corporate trade and permanent war, and I thought the Democrats should have responded with a big narrative against premanent war and for economic equality. Instead, they are pushing Russia scandal-mongering non-stop. It has subsumed all the progressive grassroots movements I believed in, and it has basically buried the Left in a militaristic narrative.

Carlson's decision to invite Blumenthal is a shocking one at best. Blumenthal has authored several books, including one that directly compared Israel to Nazi Germany. He frequently apologizes for the genocidal terrorist group Hamas, especially following Israel's 2014 counteroffensive against the terrorist group. After Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel passed away, Blumenthal trashed him on Twitter and referred to him as a "defender of apartheid." Blumenthal also caught considerable heat from the Left for his pro-Assad apologetics and for discrediting the White Helmets.

Many conservatives found Carlson's decision to elevate Blumenthal to be problematic considering the latter's trade in anti-Semitism and anti-Western ideology. Noah Pollak, the Executive Director of the Emergency Committee for Israel and a frequent commentator for The Weekly Standard, sent Daily Wire the following text message:

The only thing Blumenthal has ever been honest about is his admiration for terrorist groups, dictatorships, and anti-American crackpots. I don't understand why anyone would look to him for political analysis as opposed to propaganda.

Commentary Magazine Associate Editor Noah Rothman also thought elevating Blumenthal was problematic:

Blumenthal's record of defending anti-Semitic views rendered him so toxic that even Hillary Clinton's campaign washed their hands of him.

Daily Wire and Resurgent contributor Josh Hammer had harsher words for Carlson:

Anytime you have Max Blumenthal on to advance your cause, you have already lost before you have even begun. Max is a notoriously self-hating anti-Semite who regularly shills for radical Islamic jihadists in their struggle against Israel and America, the twin banes of Max's existence. He is a pathetic weasel of a human being whom conservatives should universally scorn and detest. It is shameful for Tucker Carlson to elevate his platform in any way whatsoever.

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro also found Carlson's invitation of Blumenthal problematic and puzzling.

It may have made some sense to have a leftist confirm Carlson's narrative that the Russia narrative is malarkey, but making Max Blumenthal that guy must have been either a negligent oversight or a likely problematic sign of things to come for Fox News.

Video of Carlson and Blumenthal below:

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