CNN Pundit LOVES Convicted Terrorist Assata Shakur

CNN pundit Marc Lamont Hill has a serious crush on convicted terrorist Assata Shakur. On Monday, Lamont Hill honored the convicted cop-killer for her birthday, issuing a string of praise and defense of Shakur in tweet form.

"Happy 70th Birthday to Assata Shakur!!!!" gushed the CNN employee in one of his many pro-Shakur tweets.

In March of 1977, former Black Panther Party member and then-Black Liberation Army (BLA) Leader Shakur was convicted "of eight counts of murder, robbery and assault in a 1973 shootout on the New Jersey Turnpike that left one state trooper dead and another wounded," reported The New York Daily News the day following Shakur's conviction. The terrorist notably called the jurors "racist and misled" after her fate was announced.

BLA was a terrorist organization. As noted by The Washington Post, "the BLA was responsible for four bombings, four hijackings and 32 violent armed confrontations in the United States" from 1970 to 1984. "Sixteen of those involved confrontations with law enforcement officers who were killed."

The convicted cop-killer escaped from prison in 1979, just two years into her life sentence, and fled to Cuba where she has remained. Shakur, with a massive $2 million reward on her head, remains on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist List to this day.

But none of this matters to Lamont Hill, who continued to sing Shakur's praises online.

The CNN employee tried to explain away the backlash he faced for posting such reprehensible praise, writing: "I believe Assata Shakur is INNOCENT and WRONGLY CONVICTED of killing a cop." Lamont Hill did not attempt to explain away Shakur's membership in terrorist group BLA.

Additionally, there is a post titled "A Letter From Assata Shakur" on Lamont Hill's site, MarcLamontHil.com.

And the love affair with Shakur doesn't stop with mainstream media pundits like Lamont Hill. The allegedly "bipartisan" Women's March also honored the convicted terrorist on her birthday, as detailed here by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro.

The Women's March later explained their decision to honor the cop-killer, which essentially entailed minimizing that whole murdering-a-cop thing and blaming the "far-right" for misinterpreting their "Happy birthday" message.

"Assata Shakur's resistance tactics were different from ours. That does not mean that we do not respect her anti-sexism work," the group wrote.

You say "resistance tactics," I say "murdering an officer."

But remember, guys, conservatives are the "extremists," not the mainstream Democrats spewing praise for a radical cop-killer. Or something.


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