ICYMI: We're Defeating ISIS!

Trump's Deputy Assistant Gorka forces media to talk about real news.

About a week ago, the United States and Iraq declared victory over ISIS in Mosul. But you probably haven’t heard about it. Why Not?

Well, it's in large part because of a biased media, but Team Trump is also to blame because it continues to fail to control the narrative by getting out in front of stories. Instead, of promoting the positive news from the campaign against ISIS, the White House has been tripping all over itself in the wake of Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian government-connected lawyer. Since The New York Times first reported that Don Jr. took the meeting, the Trump Administration and Trump Jr. have given the press at least eight, yes, EIGHT, major developments in the story, including contradictory statements, after-the-fact admissions, and the release of emails that ended up throwing more gasoline on the fire. As expected, prominent Democrats are idiotically calling for charges of "treason."

Of course, the liberal media is all to happy to abet the Left’s insanity. On CNN.com, the number of articles pertaining to the Donald Jr. meeting outnumbered the articles posted about the defeat of ISIS in Mosul five to one.

Granted, the Don Jr. story is something that should be covered closely, but to suggest a Trump-Russia development generates five times as much coverage than the defeat of ISIS in Mosul is absurd.

For an administration that hasn’t recorded many wins since the appointment of Justice Gorsuch, the victory in Mosul should be a story hammered down the media’s throats every opportunity Trump’s communication team gets.

As a candidate, Trump promised to defeat evil losers across the globe. The American people trusted him to fight terror more than they trusted Hillary Clinton, and propelled Trump into the White House partly because of this. Pew Research Center discovered terrorism and foreign affairs ranked second and third among “top issues” in the 2016 election. Trump has fulfilled a major campaign promise that is crucial to the American people, but his approval ratings continue to suffer.

This is a direct effect of the inability of his communications staff to flip the narrative against the hostile media whenever they are in front of the camera. Yes, the deck is stacked against them, but they can give themselves a better hand by staying on message: Trump is leading the United States to victory against ISIS.

That is why the Trump administration would be wise to keep sending out Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President. Gorka understands this principle and is able to confront the media about its bias in a way that is constructive to the President’s agenda.

On CNN recently, Gorka was interviewed by Alisyn Camerota. No matter where Camerota tried to take the conversation to embarrass the administration, Gorka succinctly and sharply retorted, and was able to stay on message about ISIS.

Gorka said emphatically that "when you have an organization as dangerous as ISIS" which "is burning people alive in cages," the administration has declared that "it's about obliteration."

"The President stood before Congress and said we will obliterate, we will eradicate ISIS," said Gorka. "We trust … our military," he said, "we have faith in our military."

This message was pure gold to American citizens that support the troops, which make up a large portion of Trump’s base.

CNN anchors aren’t used to this level of discipline from an associate of Trump. Clearly, Camerota was stumped as Gorka batted her and CNN’s coverage of this administration around like a piñata for about ten minutes straight. After all, CNN has a fake reputation to uphold.

Bradley Devlin is a student at the University of California Berkeley studying Political Economy and serves as the secretary of the Berkeley College Republicans.

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